Sports Camps Australia Industry Experience Opportunities 2020

ACPE has partnered up with Sports Camps Australia to provide ACPE students with a range of unique and exciting industry experience opportunities in 2020. These opportunities could lead to your future dream job. Check out some of the awesome opportunities available below.

Assistant Tour Leader

As assistant leader, you will play an essential support role in all SCA tours. You will assist and support the Tour Leaders on single day and multi day tours in NSW. You will help to ensure the safety and well being of clients and work colleagues, and you will make client experiences enjoyable and positive. Duties occur during two phases: pre-tour and tour. You will receive Standard Operating Procedures for these phases. Here is a summary of key duties that the Tour Leader will assign to you: 


• Attend a pre tour meeting to discuss processes and meet other staff.



• Report and respond to Tour Leader

• Assist in greeting tour groups at the airport

• Assist tour groups at check in

• Assist with all meals where possible

• Escort groups on cruises, sightseeing tours or through places of interest such as Bondi, Manly,Blue Mountains.

• Describe tour points of interest to group members and respond to questions.• Provide directions and other  important information to visitors.

• Attend all sporting games

• Assist head sporting coaches where possible at games with light duties.

• Monitor client activities in order to ensure compliance with tour regulations and safety practices.

• Provide for physical safety of groups, performing such activities as providing first aid and directing emergency evacuations.

Sports Camps Australia have a wide range of Tours on offer across multiple sports. Please have a look through the below sports and dates and see what tour interests you! ACPE students are eligible to assist with more than one tour. 

Beyond Sports - Lacrosse Womens Tour 

1 - 10 June 2020

Sydney, Melbourne


Beyond Sports - Softball Womens Tour 

14 - 23 June 2020

Sydney, Brisbane


Beyond Sports - Hockey Womens Tour 

14 - 23 June 2020

Sydney, Brisbane

Beyond Sports - Lacrosse Mens Tour 

22 June - 1 July 2020

Sydney, Melbourne


Nike Basketball Tour

20 - 29 July 2020



Nike Baseball Tour

12 - 20 August 2020



Nike Softball Tour

12 - 20 August 2020


To express interest in any of the above opportunities please email your cover letter and resume directly to Please feel free to reach out to the ACPE Careers team at  if you need assistance with your application